House of Cards

We always joke that there are Jill shows (think: Glee, Gossip Girl, and Sex and the City) and Lucas Shows (at the moment: The Americans, Suits, and pretty much anything on ESPN), but there are seldom shows that we both love. Last summer, we watched every season of Friday Night Lights, and we were both pretty much obsessed. We just added a new show to the shared list - we just started watching the Netflix series, House of Cards. Since we're both political junkies, we love it! What are some of your favorite shows? xo


Jillian said...

House of Cards is an awesome show! Friday Night Lights is on my list too. I just finished watching Freaks & Geeks and that was probably one of my favorites EVER. So funny and relatable. I'm sad that it ended after only one season. It deserved more than that.

mitchellturner11 said...

I LOVE House of Cards!