December 2014 Singapore Trip

Just playing a bit of life catch up on the blog this week. First up: Singapore! I took a whirlwind trip to Singapore for a few days in December. It was my first time visiting the city / country, and my first time to visit Asia in 3 years. I did absolutely no research on Singapore before hopping on my flight (yikes!), so I didn't know what to expect at all. 
The first thing I noticed about Singapore was the impressive architecture. The buildings are very modern and there are a ton of sky scrapers, especially in the business district we stayed in. The building above is the Marina Bay Sands and you can spot the ArtScience Museum (the lotus-looking building) and The Float (a floating stadium) towards the left side of the picture.
We went out one night for a traditional Singaporean meal of chili crab and pepper crab. We were really grateful to have our hosts, Grace and Jasmine, to take us to a local spot (JUMBO Seafood Restaurant in Dempsey Hill) and help us order the best dishes.
Singapore is insanely wealthy and the shopping is ridiculous. The malls are worth checking out for the experience alone. Think: lots of designer stores and impressive displays like this floating Louis Vuitton flagship store.
The country is really close to the equator, so it was incredibly hot and humid during our entire trip there. I did love the warm nights though, which made me nostalgic for my summers growing up in the South. During the evening, there are really impressive water and lights shows in the Marina Bay. Sadly after the show we headed back to our hotel to pack up and prepare for the grueling 22 hour flight back to the US. Already looking forward to my next trip! :)