Angel Island Birthday Weekend

This weekend Lucas threw me the best birthday party ever. We took a ferry from SF to Angel Island, which is a 30 minute trip from Fisherman's Wharf (this is the only reason I can think of that one should ever go to Fisherman's Wharf). The weather was perfect (75 and sunny...holla!) and we had 25 friends join us for the day. 
We set up shop right on the water and dug into the food / drinks immediately. We snacked on chicken salad and pimento cheese and then grilled burgers and sausages for lunch. We brought three coolers full of beer, chilled white wine, and rosé, so it was a party starting at 10:00 am. YOLO y'all. 
Food / wine comas started setting in and lots of napping / sunbathing happened.
We played Spikeball (Lucas's all time favorite game) and Catch Phrase, which is always a good idea.
Growing up, my mom made me a homemade funfetti birthday cake every year. Lucas surprised me with a 6-layer (!!) funfetti cake from SusieCakes, which is just about the closest thing you can get to my mom's and it was so so so good and incredibly thoughtful of him.
Sweet friends!
...and the party continued on the ferry ride back! Thank you to my amazing friends that came out to celebrate with me. Life wouldn't be the same without you and 26 will be the best year yet...I can feel it! :)