Charming Houseboat

Adam Fisher bought a houseboat, which sits in the San Francisco Bay Area, in 2005 during the middle of the booming real estate market in California so that he could rent it out. Little did he know it was a total junker with pee-soaked carpets and sewage issues (ewww...) and that he would soon be moving into it! When he lost his job in NY, he was forced to pick up his life and move to the houseboat with his girlfriend. He fixed up the impulse buy and turned it in to an adorable, funky, non-traditional home. The $250,000 boat is now quite charming - what a unique life!

Read the entire story in the new issue of Ready Made Magazine.


You Are My Fave said...

Love this. Reminds me of Sleepless in Seattle.

And on the Polaroid film note, you can read about their progress here: