What the World Eats

"What the World Eats" is a photo series done by Time Magazine. The pictures all feature families from around the world and one week worth of food for each family. It is so interesting to see different families favorite foods and how much they spend per week on food. See the entire series of photos here!

This is the Revis family from North Carolina. Their weekly food expenditure is about $341.98. Their favorite foods are spaghetti, potatoes, and sesame chicken.

This is the Ayme family of Tingo. They spend about $31.55 on food. They like eating potato soup with cabbage.

This is the Namgay family of Shingkhey Village. They spend $5.03 on food every week. They like mushrooms, cheese, and pork!

So fascinating, huh?


Dionne said...

Wow - this is awesome! It's so hard to believe what some cultures can live off of in a month compared to what we get in the Western world.