Fairy Twinkle Lights

Kristina loves hanging white Christmas lights everywhere - our living room during Christmas, our porch, etc haha. Normally, I am of the opinion that they are tacky and that they only belong on a Christmas tree, but recently I have seen a lot of pictures of the twinkling lights looking very cute. I think that the space you have the lights in has to be appropriate, and that is where most people go wrong and end up making their apartment look like a cheap college dorm. Maybe I am reconsidering them!

These are fun:
Spotted on oh, hello friend.

I like the way these are casually draped in a non-tacky way:

Still cute in a fancy apartment:

Icicle lights behind a headboard for a lovely glow:
From emmas designblogg.

So, Kristina, if you can figure out a way to make our apartment look cool like this, then we can hang the lights up again this year! :)


You Are My Fave said...

I love the look of twinkle lights too but I think they look a little better in photos then when you actually have them hanging up.

You Are My Fave said...

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Kristina Comer said...

damn. burn. im going to put them up again in the sameeee spot! love it. it doesn't matter in college because nothing ever matches/goes anyways so may as well be festive!

Jill Turner said...

Not true...everything in our apartment matches?