So So So SO Happy!

{Photographer - Unknown}

All of my midterms are OVER!!! :) My exam yesterday (on research methods in public administration) was not too bad, but my microeconomics exam was just as bad as I thought it would be - actually I take that back - it was worse! My hand feels like it is going to fall off from writing so much. But that's okay...I am DONE! Today was great! I went to Walker's with Eli and Lucas as SOON as my exam was over. Then Lucas and I ordered takeout from Doc Chey's. We piled up in my bed and watched Glee while we ate what I swear tasted like the best food ever. Oh, and Lucas gave me a surprise tonight. He's so great. These are my favorite kind of nights. I am SO excited to go home this weekend to see my family and have a much needed break from Athens.

This is the plan for the weekend:
-Sewing project with Mom
-Scrapbook with Mom
-Eat lots and lots of Mom's food
-Beat Dad in Spades (yeah right...)
-Watch UGA beat Tennessee on Saturday
-Play lots of Wii with Mitch
-Snuggle with the pups!

A few things that have made their way to the top of my wish list:
This pretty "J" necklace!
These purple floral tights!
This yellow coat! I could look like Paddington Bear!
These pretty earrings!