Potential Christmas Gifts

On a budget this year? I feel like a lot of my friends are. First of all, we're in college - enough said. But everyone seems to be saving for something! I am saving up for next semester in DC (I am so pumped)!

Check out these fun and affordable Christmas gifts:

For your friends who appreciate a good cup of coffee and a homemade cookie just as much as a store-bought gift. Homemade cookies in recycled tea boxes - the perfect fit! Almost free for you too!
Seen on Post Punk Kitchen.

For your traveling friends like Eli and Robyn and Meaghan. Pretty luggage tag! For under $10!
From Lizard Thicket (the boutique I worked at in HS).

For your friends that love colorful fun things just because - like Kristina or Caroline! Fantastic printed coasters in fun colors - only $10!
From Love My Costers. Seen on Bright, Bold, and Beautiful.

More fun gift ideas to come later - I've waited as long as I can to start talking about Christmas - SOOO excited! :)