Decorative Prints

I work on the Hill, and although the city is great, it is very fast paced and stressful at times. It is hard to remember that outside of the bubble of DC that people are not constantly arguing and fighting over issues. I also live with 10 girls and we all have very different personalities, which can cause drama at times...

Sometimes I just need to remind myself to be calm and that everything will be okay. Lucas has such a calming personality, and usually he is the one that keeps me sane. Since he's not around right now, I ordered this WWII era-inspired poster: From KeepCalmPosters.

I am so excited about going back to Athens in a month! My room in Athens is decorated in black and cream damask, which I love, but the room is in desperate need for some color! I'm thinking about buying some prints for my apartment to snazz it up a bit. I love these prints:

I would love a "J is for Jill" print: From pistachiolove. Spotted on Bright, Bold, and Beautiful.

This print offers great advice: From dearcolleen. Spotted on A Cup Of Jo.

In LOVE with Katie Daisy's artwork. This is my favorite print from her shop: From Katie Daisy. Also spotted on Bright, Bold, and Beautiful.