My Favorite Finds

Okay, so this is my attempt at getting back into blogging (I know, I know...I've said that about 127 times at this point). I am going to make a concerted effort in the next few months to revamp the look and feel of my little blog. Now that I'm on the West Coast and so many of my friends and family remain on the East Coast, I want to have a way to share tidbits of my life with them. So here's to more consistent blogging, y'all! Here are a few fun links I'm loving from around the web:

I just bought this fun packaging for gifts!

A song I'm digging right now.

I made this tomato and corn salad with lemon-poppy dressing two times this week.

Olympians let loose. This article blew my mind!

My friend Haley's dog fetish is both hilarious and adorable.

The new Loeffler Randall handbag line is to die for.

Alright, so there we go. Have an awesome weekend and Happy Olympics!