Yosemite + We're Engaged!

This weekend Lucas and I took a little weekend trip to Yosemite National Park, which is about 3 hours from San Francisco. Lucas was super sneaky and planned an engagement weekend and asked me to marry him after a strenuous hike to the top of Mount Hoffmann in Yosemite. After I said yes (obviously!) we hiked down and had an amazing dinner at the Tioga Pass Cafe, which was near our cabin. It was an amazing weekend and the entire time I felt very spoiled and engaged and loved. Below are a few pictures from our trip, if you'd like to see.

We just so happened to run into a National Geographic photographer on our hike who was nice enough to snap a few shots of us using his fancy lens. Thanks random stranger!
Check out the view from the top of our hike. We were 10,850 feet up!
Lucas popped the question after a well-deserved picnic lunch and I took a few shots to show off my new ring (which I can't stop staring at, by the way!).
Finally, we giddily walked down the mountain and the views were stunning.
What a magical weekend. We love you, Yosemite!


Meaghan McElroy said...

Gorgeous and awesome.. all around!

Krista Trefz said...

Congratulations! I absolutely am so happy for you and Lucas. Your ring is beautiful, but the both of you in love is even more beautiful! I am so happy you got to have such a magical and memorable engagement at such a spectacular place as Yosemite. The views and landscape are amazing!
Thanks so much for posting pictures of your very special day. I can't wait to officially have you as Aunt Jill to Kaya, we already consider you an Aunt, but its going to be so neat.


Krista Trefz said...

How very neat and part of good fate that you ran into a National Geographic photographer. Maybe your engagement picture can be the one you posted! I suggest making a few prints of your engagement for you all's casa.

Blue Dog Belle said...

Congratulations Jill!!! I'm so excited for you and Lucas!!!

Jill Turner said...

Thanks everyone! XO