DIY Fabric Peonies

I love to keep a "gift closet" of goodies so that I'm prepared for birthdays, showers, and house warnings. Likewise, I like to keep a stash of basic gift wrapping supplies like drawstring bags, craft paper, and gift tags. This weekend I decided to make a batch of fabric peonies to add to my wrapping collection. These add a nice touch to a package or to a bottle of wine, so it's nice to have them on hand.

-A few yards of Chiffon fabric (I chose a pale pink)
-Embroidery thread (I used yellow)
-Needle and thread
-Fabric scissors
-A small candle

Start by cutting fabric circles out of the chiffon. Cut out a total of 5 circles: 4 circles that are the same size and 1 circle that is slightly smaller.
Next, take one circle and hover the edge over an open flame until it curls up slightly. Repeat until you've finished curling the edges of all 5 circles.
Cut 4 slits into each circle, but be careful that you do not cut all the way through. It should look like this.
Now you should carefully hold the newly cut slits over the flame until the edges curl up like the outside of the circles. Repeat until you've finished curling the edges of all 5 circles.
At this point, take 2 of the circles and cut 4 more slits, and repeat the curling process. Leave the other 3 circles as is. These 2 circles will start to look a little shriveled up and not at all like flower petals, but that's okay. It will all come together, I promise!
Now make the pom pom that will go inside your petals. Wrap embroidery thread around 2 of your fingers (I wrapped it around about 8 times).
Slip the looped thread off your fingers and tie a knot in the middle. Cut the loops and fluff the thread out.
Assemble your peony by stacking 2 of the circles that only have 4 petals, then the 2 circles with 8 petals, and finally the smallest circle with 4 petals on top.
Place the embroidery pompom and sew it all together! Leave some thread on the end if you want to tie it onto a gift or a bottle of wine. You can also use double sided tape to adhere it to a package.

Happy Crafting! XO


Kristina Comer said...

i want to try this!!