Photo Booth Backdrops

We are going to have our wedding photographer set up a photo booth to take the party to the next level! I want to make a backdrop to make the photo booth a little more original and fun. Here are a few sources of DIY inspiration spotted in the blogosphere recently.

{Seen on Ashley MeadersGreen Wedding Shoes, and Oh Happy Day}


Chiara said...

nice idea!
coingrats on the wedding! :)

by the way,thanks for checking and leaving a comment on my post.

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Krista Trefz said...

I love your ideas Jill for you and Lucas's wedding pictures.
The backdrops look really fun and colorful!


Sarah said...

Aren't these awesome? Jordan just blows me away with her constant creativity.

- Sarah

livlovelaugh said...

awww, these are so cute~ Congrats on the wedding~~~
you must be so excited~