Holiday Gift Guide: Your Favorite Guy

Here are a few perfect holiday gifts for the best guy in your life (I've given most of these things to Lucas in the past, actually):

1. A cozy sweater with elbow patches, that will bring out his true professorial self: J.crew ($198).
2. New glasses to truly complete the look: Warby Parker ($90).
3. A new watch, since you always ask him the time: Nixon ($125).
4. Classic, rugged boots that will look both simple and stylish: Clarks ($120).
5. A new overnight duffle to replace the Adidas bag he carries from college: Fossil ($248).

These gifts will (hopefully!) be appreciated year round. I'd love to hear what are you giving your favorite guy? XO


Jillian said...

Love your picks. I have a weak spot for elbow patched-sweaters. Now if I could find one that actually lined up with my elbows correctly!

jackie said...

I love that watch! Is it the cream colored one? I can't find one that looks exactly like it on the site.

Lucas said...

Can confirm this is some good stuff!