Thrift Store Finds

Our local Goodwill is just about the best thrift store that ever was. Here are a few goodies we picked up last weekend. Above is our new little brass clock that I thought would be the perfect knick-knack to sit on top of our new cabinet. Lucas doesn't really get the concept of knick-knacks, like candles, picture frames, and clocks that are not quite in working condition (we're working on it...), but he's slowly coming around. :) Below are our new little brass candle holders, which I love. Don't they look like the best of friends sitting all cute in our entry way?
We're collecting gold and silver picture frames to display old family photos at our wedding. I picked up the frame on the right and Lucas's parents look right at home in it. PS - isn't his mom gorgeous?
Our mail tends to pile up on the counter, despite how many times I swear to myself that I won't let that happen. I was thrilled to find this mail tray for a whopping $2! It doesn't count as clutter if it's in a tray, right?
Finally, someone decided to donate this brand new Target mirror to Goodwill. Welp...thanks whoever you are! I haven't found a new home for it yet, but I've definitely been brainstorming. It actually turns out that Kristina bought the same one at Target and it looks amazing hanging above her bed.
Until next time, Goodwill! XOX


Oh, My Darling said...

Great thrift shop finds! I've been all about Goodwill lately, too -- so many good treasures.1

Glam up your Lifestyle said...

What a lovely Post. You have a Great Blog. What do you think about following each other. Just let me knows

Milex said...

I love your creativity

Chi Tomi said...

These things look amazing! I totally love your blog, so I followed you. :*

XO, Michi

Kristina Comer said...

Great minds think alike!! Also def BFF candles - they sort of look like us back in the day (still a little bit now) hahaha. LOVE that tiny little clock!! How presh!!