Wedding Crafts

Sometimes I get a bit of anxiety over all the things that need to be done for the wedding. The truth is that we still have 10 months to go, we've gotten all of the big things taken care of (venue, photographer, caterer, officiant, band all booked; invitations picked out; dress bought!), and Can you sense that I'm trying to convince myself of that? Still, when I get stressed out, it helps to just do something (anything!) wedding-planning related to make me feel like I'm making forward progress. This weekend I did a few crafts and wedding DIYs and am happy so far with the turnout.

First weekend craft: letters to adorn the back of our chairs at the reception. I was inspired by the bride/groom chairs at this amazing wedding. We're not really going to have a set color palette for the wedding, rather we're just going with Fall colors that we like. Our wedding party will be wearing neutral colors and the flowers will be a mix of bright fall colors and succulents - tangerine, coral, and greenery. For our invitation suite, we're going with craft paper envelopes, ivory paper, and brown, green, and orange accents. Therefore, I decided to paint the letters a harvest orange to go along with our fall theme. I chose a paint that would dry with a matte look and basically painted a few coats on. Total cost of this project was about $10.
This next craft is also far too easy to blog about, but here goes anyway. Our photographer is setting up a photobooth for our guests to enjoy (you can see a few of our photographer's previous partybooth sessions herehere and here!), so I painted a few chalkboard signs to use as props. I bought bare, unfinished wooden signs at Michaels for $3 and some Martha Stewart chalkboard paint for $5. Voila! Total cost for this project is $11!
Finally, I started making pom-pom bunting, which I think I will use to: go around the dance floor, serve as the backdrop for the photobooth, or BOTH! Here is a sneak peek of the finished product, but I'll write an entire post dedicated to this project later this week.
Okay exhaling a huge sigh of relief that I'm making a bit of progress on the "little stuff" for the wedding. Next up: making/painting a cornhole game for guests to play during cocktail hour, making heart banners, and painting a burlap sign. 10 months and about 100 more projects to go! :) XOXO


Teresa B. said...

Love this idea! So adorable and affordable :) Great post! Thanks for visiting my blog. I am now following you :)


Apolline said...

Thanks for your comment ! I love Ed Sheeran, lucky you ! Have a great concert :)

MariNa* said...

This ideas are sooo nice!! Thanks :)

Mounette said...

Great items! and thanks to visiting my blog!
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jackie said...

So cute. I can't wait to see the rest of the crafts! If we lived near each other, I'd totally volunteer to come help you out :) Wedding crafts are my jam.

oomph. said...

the pom pom garland is too cute! i've made single ones before, but never thought to sting them together!!

thanks so much for your comment!

Kristina Comer said...

So cute so far!! The garland is gonna be adorbs around the dance floor!