My Travel Essentials

It was very tough for me to pack for 2 months -- I wanted to bring everything! I decided to scale back on clothes (because obviously shopping in Paris is at the top of my to-do list) and instead bring a few of my travel essentials. Here are some of my go-to items for traveling:

1. A fedora or hat to protect my sensitive (read: pale) skin. I have this one and wear it all the time. (Asos: $57)

2. A Turkish bath towel for spontaneous picnics. The bonus here is that they're light and easy to pack in your suitcase and purse. (Amazon: $25)

3. Sunglasses - my go-to pair are these classic Ray-Ban Aviators. They look good with both casual and dressy clothes. (Shopbop: $150)

4. A bag to carry all of your belongings. My Cambridge Satchel doubles as a work bag and day bag, which is perfect for this trip. The 15" version holds my huge Macbook and all other essentials. (Cambridge Satchel Company: $190)

5. A soy travel candle to make our corporate apartment feel cozy. In my opinion, there is nothing homier than fresh flowers and candles. (Amazon: $55 or this one: $30)

6. We've had sporadic rain showers every day since arriving, so I'm really happy I brought my umbrella. Mine is from J.Crew but I love this tiny version for traveling. (Orla Kiely: $50)

7. A scarf to feel very French and to double as a head scarf when it rains. (J.Crew: $30-125)

8. These Converses are hands down my favorite shoes for traveling. I've always loved the look of Converses, but the originals have thick soles, which feel clunky. These are a slimmed down version and they feel effortless and cool with no socks. As much as I'd love to walk around Paris in heels (how do they do it?), I need some support. :) (Zappos: $55).

9. Finally, a travel journal, so you never forget the name of the cute little brasserie that you went to! (Rifle Paper Co: $15).

What are your travel essentials? xoxo


Kristina Comer said...

I need to break down and just buy some Ray-Bans! Love all these things!