Last Few Weekends

We had a really lovely Valentine's Day weekend. First of all, the weather was glorious (THANKS SAN FRANCISCO!), so we enjoyed sunsets galore from our roof. Also, Lucas sort of kills it in the flower department -- this gorgeous arrangement is from Church Street Flowers in SF. We both wrapped our gifts in the exact same paper (AKA we only have one non-holiday kind of wrapping paper but let's pretend we're just soulmates on the same paper wavelength) -- can you guess which one I wrapped (ha!)? For dinner on V-Day we went to Outerlands, which is my favorite spot in SF. It's cozy and delicious and non-pretentious and just everything a restaurant should be.
My sister-in-law, Anne, was here for a hot second last week, so we gave her the full tour of SF. She picked the only foggy day we've had in months to visit, but it didn't stop us from taking her to Fort Point, Baker Beach, and of course, for both pho and Philz. Only the best for my sis!

This weekend was gorgeous (again...ugh SF you're so predictable) so we went over to Angel Island. We drove to Tiburon and then took the ferry over to the island. It sort of looks like Jurassic Park and it's the Ellis Island of the West Coast, so Don't worry though, our weekend wasn't all sunshine and party-party-party, we also had our car towed to the tune of $600 and several hours in the wee hours of the night spent in the SF impound lot. I'm over it, I swear. No big deal. It's not like I can think of anything else I'd rather spend that money on.
We ended the weekend on a high note by hosting a little Oscars party. This is weirdly the only photo I took of the evening -- whoops! High points of the Oscars: Eddie Redmayne, Oprah, and Gaga. Low points: Boyhood and Selma not winning all of the awards. Happy Monday, all!


Kristina Comer said...

1) Lucas out did himself on the flowers - these are gorgeous! He always gets beautiful ones but these are phenom

2) That restaurant looks bomb!

3) Love that pic of you! GORGEOUS!

4) When I make it big in the nutrition world I'll get us matching Louboutins

5) So fun Anne was there!

6) Miss you soooo much!! Want to lay around watching GG and gluing rhinestones on something with you