New York City

Lucas and I are heading to NYC! Our friends, Chris and Matt, are getting married this weekend, so we're turning it into a little trip. We have a few things on our to-do list (below!), but we'd be so stoked to receive any recommendations.

-Visit the Met's rooftop exhibit.
-Walk across the Brooklyn Bridge.
-Grab sandwiches at ino.
-Swing by Chelsea Market.
-Catch up with friends over beers at this Brooklyn Biergarten.

Can't wait! XO

{Photo via The Sartorialist}


Marlen said...

ahh lucky!! I'm going for the first time October so I'm going to look to you to steal some tourist ideas ;) and how cute do you look hopping into that taxi?

Emily grapes said...

That looks like it'll be a great time!! Hope you get to do your whole list!
Emily at Amazing Grapes

Sabrina said...

I was about to head over to NYC myself to catch the tail end of NYFW and to catch some of the haute couture shows, but alas, I couldn't. Be sure to take lots and lots of photos, I hear NYC is gorgeous this time of year. :)


P.S. I love the layout of your blog! So clean and cute. And awesome for being from the SF Bay Area too!

Sheila said...

Thanks for the follow! I'm following you back now. :) I hope you have lots of fun at your friends' wedding!! :)

xo - Sheila

Krista Trefz said...

I loved visiting Central Park when I lived for a summer in NYC, and I think its a nice place to walk, or share a picnic. I also enjoyed visiting Ellis Island and the statue of liberty. You have a great list of places to go and enjoy in NYC. Frances and Allen will have plenty of ideas for you all too. Have a blast. Krista

Taylor Morgan said...

My husband and I just walked across the Brooklyn Bridge... It is beautiful! But a word of advice...stay out of the bike lane!!!!

The bridge bikers feel VERY entitled to their bike lane and will do anything to accidentally run you over or at least startle you to death!

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jackie said...

ah I'm so jealous! we're going the first weekend of October, so I guess you can have your time too :)

Joanna recommended this sunset sail on the Hudson that I think we're going to try when we go:

A Possible Fantasy said...

sounds like a great plan! wish you a glorious time in nyc!

do you want to follow each other on bloglovin' and gfc? let me know.
see you around! xx

Estilo Hedónico said...

Amazing post!!!!! :)
Would you like to follow each other?!! :)


Jenee C. said...

Have the best time! It's been years since I was last there. Just started following your blog so I can live vicariously through you. Hope we can keep in touch.

xx Jenee C.
{camo meets couture}

BFMichaela said...

it is my dream :) good post :)