Restaurant Review: Pamplemousse

The great thing about living on the San Francisco Peninsula is that there are a ton of great restaurants, which is definitely a far cry from the suburbia that I grew up in. Pamplemousse is an adorable French cafe in downtown Redwood City, and it's a great place to grab breakfast or lunch. 

Pamplemousse has a large spread of French pastries, but my favorites are the French macaroons. The salted caramel and lavender vanilla ones are to die for. 

Since we went for brunch, we both ordered lattes and the ham and cheese quiche, which came with mixed greens in a creamy herb vinaigrette.

It definitely hit the spot. Have a great day! XO


Gian Carla Tolentino said...

Thanks for dropping by. The food look delicious! Is your top from Forever 21? It's adorable.

Gian by Design

Jill Turner said...

That's my best friend, Kristina, and I think the top is from Urban Outfitters. I'll check with her though. XO Jill