Wedding Shoes: Flats or Heels?

One of the fun parts of wedding planning is the dress and shoe shopping! I found my dress last week and now I'm beginning to look at shoes.

Since then, I've been debating whether or not to wear heels at my wedding. I'm normally a flats kind of girl, and I want to feel comfortable on my wedding day (check out these beautiful Vera Wang flats). Still, there are so many gorgeous bridal heels on the market (like these or these) that it's a tough decision. While there is no huge hurry for me to decide, I'll need choose my shoes before getting my dress altered.

So I'd love to hear, what type of shoes did you wear at your wedding? Did you choose comfort or style? XO


Sheila said...

Awww I love wedding planning! Congrats! It was so much fun but could be stressful. haha.. ;)

For mine, I chose heels because I was mainly concerned with pictures.. esp since it would be forever and we were spending a lot. I normally love to wear flats because I'm all about comfort as well. So during the ceremony, and half of the reception I wore my heels but my feet were dying.. so I switched to flats. In between I just kept switching whenever I needed to take photos. Kinda a pain, I know..

After going through that, I would suggest going with what makes you feel comfy. I loved the look of heels but then I kept switching to flats just to give my poor feet a break. lol

Hope that helps! And Happy Planning!

xo - Sheila

Ping said...

I haven't had a wedding so maybe I'm not the best to give advice :)

However Badgley Mischka has some amazing bridal shoes and of course they're not as pricey as Vera's. Congrats on your wedding!


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Kate Harvey said...

I knew without a doubt I didn't want to wear flats--I just don't feel dressy in them! But I'm 5'11" and did not want to be taller than my husband by wearing 4 inch heels! I also wanted to be comfortable, so I chose a middle ground--simple kitten heels. And they had a pointed toe and were a fun color too! So they felt totally special. I have a post about it here:

Good luck deciding what to wear! Let us know!

Something Ivory

Estilo Hedónico said...

Thank you so much for your lovely comment!!!
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jackie said...

I think the most important part is that you feel like yourself. I never ever wear shoes, especially during the summer, so I was a barefoot bride. and I loved it :)

Fabrizia said...

I like this post so much: these shoes are so nicee!
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Kristina Comer said...

Ugh I love all 3 of those! Of course you know my vote is the heel! The Kate Spade heel isn't too big so it'd prob be comfy! Especially with your gown a heel would be so pretty!!!

michelle said...

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