Restaurant Review: El Dorado Kitchen

While in Sonoma last weekend, we ate at El Dorado Kitchen, which was affordable and delicious (delicious is easy to find in wine country but affordable isn't!). Here are a few snapshots from our meal.

Above is the Chicken BLT, which came with amazing truffle fries. Below are the fish tacos - they were crispy and tangy.

El Dorado Kitchen was quick and affordable and the perfect place to eat before wine tasting.


Morgan said...

That sandwich looks amazing...looks like focaccia bread (which is my absolute favorite). Looks like you all are having a marvelous time!

p.s.s said...

Looks totally delish! I love truffle fries

xo, Courtney

M.E said...

Their food looks delicious! great pictures!

Laura said...



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jackie said...

oh yumm, that all looks so good. and I love your blog :) so pretty!

Kristina Comer said...

it was so good!!!!

audrinajulia said...

Craving at those blt IT LOOKS sumptuous! It's great to find a place to eat that so delicious and the price is quite affordable. Looks like a great place to hang.

Thanks for dropping by.

Holdtogether said...

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