Tea Party!

When we were little, Kristina always used to have a tea party for her birthday. We would dress up in vintage clothes and drink tea and eat birthday cake. I still remember how much fun the parties were. So you can imagine how excited I am that my new friend Mimms (along with her roommate) is throwing a birthday tea party this weekend! :) This is the adorable picture from the online invite:

Wouldn't this dress (from Modcloth) be perfect for a tea party?

LOVE Photos

Leslie Miles posted the greatest photos about love. Today I'm in a cheesy mood I guess... :)

Audrey Pictures

London newspaper the Telegraph just posted previously unseen pictures of Audrey Hepburn!

She looks as lovely as ever. And look at those eyebrows! AHHH!

Obama LOVE!

I love how in love Barack and Michelle Obama seem.

UGHHHH....It is 3:50 AM, and Kristina, Lucas, and I are at IHOP taking advantage of the free internet and unlimited coffee!!!!!

Hope everyone is sleeping and will have a wonderful rested Tuesday!

Fun Headband!

My friend Robyn would really love this headband (from missrubysue)! She likes poofy & fun headbands! :)

MacBook Envelope...Adorable!

I want a cute envelope for my MacBook like THIS one (from fernfiddlehead's shop on Etsy)! I have a plain, black incase cover for my computer, but wouldn't it be fun to carry my computer to class, the library, or IHOP in this cute little envelope?

Instead, I'll be carrying my computer in a black, boring case to IHOP to enjoy 24-hour service, free internet, and $1.89 coffee (with unlimited refills!) tonight to finish my 20 page paper - UPDATE: Page 14 and counting...WOO!


Lovely Quote

Isn't this Audrey Hepburn quote great (via 3LambsGraphics on Etsy)?

I want to go here...NOW!

As exams are approaching...I'm DAYDREAMING about leaving Athens! Yesterday Lucas and I went to the pool with his family and I loved laying in the sun pretending I don't have a 20 page paper due in two days...AHH! So obviously I can't wait until MAY when I have NO responsibilities and I can lay on the beach all day in Wilmington, NC (where Lucas is from) and go camping at the lake with my family! YAY! I love summers in the south!

But wouldn't it be nice to go here too??? (Photo from Leslie Miles!)

Summer Food!!!!

SO excited!!!! I love cucumbers, tomatoes, squash, asparagus, etc etc etc!!! YAYY!

500 Days of Summer - Official Full Length Trailer

This movie looks SO adorable. I can't WAIT until it comes out!

Oh HEY Zac Efron!

Zac Efron looking dapper as GQ's new cover boy!


Another retro swimsuit on Modcloth. I WANT ONE!

Feeling whimsical?

Today I am!

Summer is approaching...

Although it is raining in Georgia today, it is nice to dream about warm beach weather. I can't wait to go visit Lucas's family at the beach in May! Aren't these swimsuits (as seen on SeeSaw) cute?