Holiday Gift Guide: Your BFF

Sometimes I'm at a loss for what to buy Lucas, my family, or my coworkers, but I feel like it's always easy to buy gifts for my BFF, Kristina. I know her so well that I can always find a million things that I know she'll love. Here are a few gifts that are BFF-appropriate, inspired by my best friend since Kindergarten:

1. "What Would Audrey Do?" so she can read about your shared idol: Amazon ($10).
2. Gold mercury glass votives to decorate her new place: One Kings Lane ($25).
3. Gold stud earrings: Bing Bang ($40).
4. Pink NARS Lipstick, which would look pretty with anything: Sephora ($24).
5. A Birchbox subscription, because she loves beauty products almost as much as she loves getting packages: Birchbox ($120).
6. A pretty scalloped bangle: Kate Spade ($48).
7. A polka dot peplum top, which would look pretty for the holidays: Dorothy Parker ($27).
8. A ladylike purse in her favorite color: J.Crew ($238).

P.S. - gift guide for men!

Girls Season 2

Girls Season 2 looks amazing. Cannot wait until January!

Holiday Gift Guide: Your Favorite Guy

Here are a few perfect holiday gifts for the best guy in your life (I've given most of these things to Lucas in the past, actually):

1. A cozy sweater with elbow patches, that will bring out his true professorial self: J.crew ($198).
2. New glasses to truly complete the look: Warby Parker ($90).
3. A new watch, since you always ask him the time: Nixon ($125).
4. Classic, rugged boots that will look both simple and stylish: Clarks ($120).
5. A new overnight duffle to replace the Adidas bag he carries from college: Fossil ($248).

These gifts will (hopefully!) be appreciated year round. I'd love to hear what are you giving your favorite guy? XO

Holiday Movies

The week after Thanksgiving means that it's finally holiday movie season! Without a doubt, I have to watch these four movies over the holidays every year. What are your favorites?

{Seen Above: Love Actually, Miracle on 34th Street, Home Alone, The Holiday}

Have a Wonderful Thanksgiving!

I'm heading back to Georgia for the Thanksgiving holidays and am so excited to spend some time with friends and family. Here are a few things on the to-do list:

-Thanksgiving lunch with my family followed by our traditional trip to the movies (my vote is for Lincoln)
-Black Friday shopping with my mama
-A mini-reunion with college friends to see UGA vs. GT, the annual football game dubbed "Clean, Old-Fashioned Hate" :)
-Two wedding tastings (we've narrowed it down to two caterers and are deciding this week)
-A trip to our wedding venue so that Kristina and Lucas can see it
-Snuggling by the fireplace, hot chocolate, and food!

Have a wonderful holiday! XO

Stanford Graduate Interdisciplinary Fellowship

Lucas was one of a handful of Stanford graduate students chosen to be a 2012 Stanford Graduate Interdisciplinary Fellow. We attended the awards ceremony last week and I was beaming with pride!

Lucas's advisor introduced him and gave a brief summary of Lucas's research. He also said that Lucas was not only one of the most brilliant students that he's ever had, but also one of the nicest. I think that describes him in a nutshell. :)
I was blown away with these students' accomplishments - these people are seriously curing cancer and fixing global warming.
I am so proud of your accomplishments, Lucas. You are so deserving of this honor. XO

Anniversary Peonies

For our 5th anniversary, Lucas sent me the most beautiful peony arrangement. They're in full bloom right now and are so lovely.

Shellac Manicure

Have you ever gotten a gel or shellac mani? I love having my nails painted, but they always seem to chip right after I get them done. Shellac manicures dry instantly (think, no sitting still for an hour while it dries!) and last for 14+ days without chipping. I got one last week, and so far, it's still in perfect shape. I'm officially a convert. Have you ever gotten a gel manicure?

Countdown: One year!

Yesterday, we hit the one-year mark for our wedding (yippee!), and last weekend I flew home to check out the place where our Georgia nuptials will take place. Vinewood is a historic plantation house with an amazing old barn (where the reception will be) and it sits on a gorgeous piece of land. Here are a few photos of Vinewood that I snapped on my iPhone, if you'd like to see.

Lucas and I want to see each other before the wedding so that we can connect in private and take care of photos before the party begins! :) I think this sweet garden is the perfect setting for our "first look" of the day.
We're planning to start the ceremony around 4:30 pm, so I wanted to plan our visit around that time to see what the light is like. Isn't it lovely?
The ceremony will take place in front of a large tree on the property. I love the mismatched chairs that we'll use - they feel very rustic.
Our goal is to throw a great party for our friends and family, and Vinewood really felt like the perfect venue to accomplish that. and I cannot wait to marry you, Lucas. XO

Election Day

Happy election day - make sure to vote! XO

Happy 5th Anniversary!

Happy 5th anniversary to the best person I know. So happy to have spent half of a decade with you. You make my life so fun. XOXO