Coralie Bickford-Smith Books

I have some of the Clothbound Penguin Books. They are so pretty. I am loving the new F. Scott Fitzgerald series by the same designer, Coralie Bickford-Smith. Bonus: they match my room!

Tim Gunn - It Gets Better

Love love love him -Such an inspiring message. Keep fighting my LGBTQ friends. So proud of you all for coming out and standing up for who you are. I am here to fight with you. One day others will see what I see.

Working Mother

I love this image. Licia Ronzulli brought her baby with her to Parliament in Strasbourg last month. This shows that women can simultaneously work and raise a family - go girl!

Party Garland

If I had $200 of disposable income, I would immediately buy this hand made garland! It would brighten up our apartment!