Emma Watson - New look

First Emma Watson graced the cover of Teen Vogue looking charming, whimsical, and endearing. Now, Miss Watson is featured on the cover of Elle UK with a more edgy look, but just as stunning. Check the cover shoot out here!

Sound of Music - Central Station Antwerp, Belgium

Something to brighten the day! :)

Hermione All Grown UP!

Emma Watson did such a great cover shoot for Teen Vogue. She has such classic but eclectically beautiful style. Read the cover story and look at the photo shoot here.

What the World Eats

"What the World Eats" is a photo series done by Time Magazine. The pictures all feature families from around the world and one week worth of food for each family. It is so interesting to see different families favorite foods and how much they spend per week on food. See the entire series of photos here!

This is the Revis family from North Carolina. Their weekly food expenditure is about $341.98. Their favorite foods are spaghetti, potatoes, and sesame chicken.

This is the Ayme family of Tingo. They spend about $31.55 on food. They like eating potato soup with cabbage.

This is the Namgay family of Shingkhey Village. They spend $5.03 on food every week. They like mushrooms, cheese, and pork!

So fascinating, huh?

Charming Houseboat

Adam Fisher bought a houseboat, which sits in the San Francisco Bay Area, in 2005 during the middle of the booming real estate market in California so that he could rent it out. Little did he know it was a total junker with pee-soaked carpets and sewage issues (ewww...) and that he would soon be moving into it! When he lost his job in NY, he was forced to pick up his life and move to the houseboat with his girlfriend. He fixed up the impulse buy and turned it in to an adorable, funky, non-traditional home. The $250,000 boat is now quite charming - what a unique life!

Read the entire story in the new issue of Ready Made Magazine.

Robyn's B-day Instructions

hey friends! soo tomorrow is my 21st birthday woot woot! and seeing that i'm in ecuador and because you guys are awesome you're all over the place making birthday celebrations difficult, we're going for an international celebration. here's the plan. i would love love love it if all of you and our friends will live it up tomorrow. wear yellow, flowers in your hair, eat a delicious dessert, consume an alcoholic beverage or two or whatever you want to do but use my birthday as an excuse to celebrate and take a pic of whatever you do. send it to mimms and she's going to do something delightfully artsy and creative with them as she does. so it's an international celebration. go big or go home. and apparently ecuadorian facebook limits the number of people you can message so tell anyone i've forgotten. i love you all! and know that we must also celebrate in athens in the fall so i can see your beautiful faces. peace out.


This is the picture I took wearing a yellow hat at in Eastern Market in Washington DC. I MISS ROBYN! Happy Birthday ROB!!!! I love you! Have a wonderful time in Ecuador!

Awesome Swedish Girl

Obviously she's awesome. Obviously I aspire to be her. Obviously I never will. Obviously from The Sartorialist.

Lisboa, Portugal

I want to go to Lisbon, Portugal and I want to go NOW! :)