Glee Dance in Rome

Why does this kind of stuff never happen to me?!?!?!

I would probably just die right there.

Spiced Apple Toddy

The thought of eggnog makes me want to gag, but I always loved apple cider growing up. Doesn't a spiced apple toddy sound delicious for a warm holiday drink?


To make the baked apple, peel, quarter, and core an apple (Braeburn or other seasonally appropriate variety). Dust apple quarters lightly with ground cinnamon and allspice. Wrap each quarter separately in foil and bake at 350°F for 30 minutes. (To make slices to garnish glasses, cut another apple into ¼-inch slices and bake until just softened.)

Combine Calvados (French apple brandy), apple, and sugar in a hot mug. Muddle apple (or mash it with a spoon), add boiling water, and stir until pulp dissolves. Lightly grate nutmeg on top.

Seen on ReadyMade.

I can't wait!

Looks so great.


...was so fun! Got to see all of my favorite people! It totally wore us out though...

Two Days...

...until CHRISTMASSSS BREAKKKK!!!! I can hardly wait. Studying for my last exam is absolutely tortuous!

Here are my fun Christmas break plans:

1. Visit Kristina in Pine Mountain. We'll do our usual routine of eating, wearing footie PJs, watching Gossip Girl and the OC, drinking hot chocolate, and playing dress up.

2. Wrapping Christmas presents! I love these pretty presents:
From Such Pretty Things via concrete and honey.

3. Watching Christmas movies with my Mom and dogs! Movies on my list? Home Alone (1 & 2!), The Holiday, Love Actually, and Four Christmases. My all time favorite is Miracle on 34th Street (the newer one...) but I watched it with my Mom and brother over Thanksgiving Break!

4. Playing Wii with my fun little brother.

5. Attending my hilarious older brother's Festivus party next Friday.

6. Hopefully painting a table and recovering a chair with my mom! She got a free, beat up table and chair from a client, and we're going to re-do them! For the chair, I want to use a fun fabric. I've been inspired lately. I like this before and after project: Spotted on Ready Made.
Spotted on ish and chi.

7. Going ice skating in Centennial Olympic Park with Eli and Robyn!

8. HOPEFULLY spending New Years with my wonderful boyfriend.

Here are my not-so-fun Christmas break plans:

1. Studying for the GRE.

2. Being away from Lucas most of the time :(

3. Reading 5 books for my directed reading next semester. Blah.

I think the good definitely outweighs the bad - luckily!

New Goodies

I went shopping for Christmas Gifts with Kristina and came back with a few gifts for others and a lot of gifts for myself (whoops!).

Kristina and I both bought these Nine West rhinestone-embellished-satin-black-peep toe-pumps! Love.

I also got this black and tan tote for DC next semester! It looks small, but it's nice and roomy. I can fit my Mac and books, notebooks, etc. It is from Target!

Also from Target, I got this top for work. It is a purple tweed top. I love the detail at the neck!

So happy with my new purchases. :)

Prettiest. Wedding. Ever.

Everything about this wedding is so beautiful and fancy. Personally, I think I would rather have an simple outdoor wedding, but this one is so lovely.

It was at the Hotel DuPont in Wilmington, Deleware:

I usually don't like frilly wedding dresses, but this one is so gorgeous:

Looks like a fairytale!
All photos by Marie Labbancz.
The dress is Monique Lhuillier.

Christmas Card Pictures!

2009 (junior year):

2008 (sophomore year):

2007 (freshman year):

The Babies

My friend Katherine Cherry (who is wonderful..) sent me this trailer and it immediately brightened my day. Babies are so funny and weird. This movie follows 4 babies in 4 very different places as they grow up. Looks interesting!

Alternative Christmas Trees

With my hardest final over and my 20 page paper turned in, I can finally recognize that there IS good in the world. Therefore, I will turn my blog focus back to CHRISTMASSSS which is a mere 22 days away! Weeee! :)

I love our traditional Christmas tree at my parents house. But at college, you have to opt for a smaller tree or a non-traditional tree. I love these adhesive ones:

See more on coocolor and lovemaestore.