Emma in Marchesa

It is no secret that I have a total girl crush on Emma Watson. I love this look from the 2011 MTV Movie Awards after party. She looks stunning in this Marchesa dress and with her coral lipstick. Wingardium Leviosa, am-I-right? {From stylebistro}.

San Francisco

Currently making the big move to San Francisco. I'm driving out West with my Dad, and we're currently in Russellville, Arkansas. Next stop is Amarillo, Texas. More to come! Can't get that terrible Train song about San Francisco out of my head. What is wrong with me? {Photo from Marisa Seguin}.

Seoul Trip

South Korea's got Seoul! Get it...? Went to Seoul in June and it was awesome. P.S. - those boys in the background of the last picture got very fresh with me and I loved it.