Wedding Invitation Crunch Time

We got our envelopes back from the calligrapher yesterday, and now we're attempting to get them in the mail before we leave for a wedding this weekend. Our living room looks like a disaster zone! Here's a little sneak peak. We're so excited to start getting response cards back -- it's becoming real. Geez!

Favorite Beauty Products

I've officially reached VIB status at Sephora...also known as: Very Important Beauty Insider, y'all. It's sort of a big deal because I'll now get 20% off during their mega sale at the end of the year and more importantly they acknowledge what a beauty genius I am. You can all expect gifts of makeup for Christmas. :) To celebrate my new A-list status, I wanted to share a few of my go-to beauty products. Here goes:

1. Dr. Jart+ BB Cream ($39 at Sephora) - I try not to leave the house without this on. It's not only super moisturizing, but it also has SPF 45 for everyday sun protection. It's sheer and light but covers my dark circles and redness...important. It does all of this and also provides anti-aging benefits, which I'm sure I will thank myself for one day. Can you tell that I love it? This stuff is the best!

2. FRESH Sugar Lip Treatment ($22.50 at Sephora) - I have this in a few different colors, but the Rosé is my default! It smells good, provides just enough color for everyday use, and is super soft. I'd love to be one of those girls that can sport matte red lipstick on a daily basis, but I just can't. I look super intense and it inevitably ends up outside the lines by noon. These Sugar balms provide just a hint of color, which is perfect for me and my unadventurous lips.

3. Smashbox Blush ($24 at Sephora) - This blush provides just a hint of shine and really gorgeous color for the cheeks. There is a built in grinder, so you just twist off as much as you need. Plus, using the grinder is super fun, and I need a little fun when I'm getting ready for work in the morning. Unlike a few other blushes I've tried, this Smashbox blush lasts all day.

4. NARS Pressed Powder ($33 at Sephora) - This powder gives a very sheer, basic amount of coverage without making my skin look too matte. If you have dry skin but want to use just enough powder to secure your makeup without it looking cakey, I recommend NARS.

5. Covergirl Eyeliner ($5 at Target) - You can't go wrong with this drugstore liner. It goes on smoothly and I love the smudging tool at the end (when I draw the line crooked pretty much everyday...).

6. Smith's Rosebud Salve ($6 at Sephora) - I've been using this stuff for years, and I never stop loving it. It's cheap, lasts forever, and is great for moisturizing hands and lips. Do yourself a favor and buy this immediately.

7. Benefit High Beam - I have pretty dry skin, so I love this stuff to add just a bit of shine to my t-zone.

8. Makeup Forever Aqua Cream ($23 at Sephora) - This is hands down the best eye shadow I've ever used. It goes on creamy and then dries quickly, but unlike other cream shadows I've used, this doesn't gather in the creases of my eyelid. The colors are sheer but add just enough coverage and oomph for everyday use. Can't recommend this product enough! I regularly wear #12 and #13, but they all seem great.

9. Covergirl Mascara ($4 at Target) - I've been using this mascara since middle school and it's the best. I've tried more expensive brands, but I always come back to this one. 

What am I missing? What are your favorite beauty products? xoxo

Honeymoon Luggage

I'm in the market for a new suitcase for our honeymoon to Hawaii. Above are a few of my favorites:
1. Bon Vivant Hardshell Suitcase - Anthropologie - $288
2. Longchamp Le Pliage Wheeled Carry On - Nordstrom - $395

Any suggestions of places to find good carry on luggage? xoxo