Today I am....

Photo spotted on Leslie Miles.

Stressed about:
-Paper due in an hour! Yikes!
-Midterm tomorrow
-Scholarship application due tomorrow
-2 midterms next week!!!

Thankful for:
-Crisp and beautiful weather
-Pumpkin spice muffins
-New boots
-UGA football this weekend
-Going home to scrapbook with my mom next weekend!

A Comeback for Aaron Carter?

I hope so! This article expresses my thoughts exactly.

J. Mendel

Kate Walsh wore this J. Mendel dress to the Emmy Awards last Sunday night. I think the dress is so beautiful, and it looks lovely on her.

Seen on Zimbio.

P.S. - Check out other gorgeous pieces from the J.Mendel Spring 2010 collection here.


Tuesday was the first day of Fall, and I couldn't be happier. Lately all I've been buying are jackets, cardigans, and sweaters! I am so excited for the changing weather...

I'm ready for tights!

These are great - from Modcloth.

Kristina makes the BEST Pumpkin Spice Muffins! We just bought ingredients at the grocery store yesterday, so I hope we make them soon...

Loving UGA football - the beginning of the season was a little rocky, but I think we'll just get better as the season goes on. Mostly I just love the tailgating with my family and friends! The last home game was such a blast, and I'm praying that it doesn't rain on Saturday!

Shady Spot

Right now, I would love to escape to this shady spot.

Seen on Basically Anything That Is Awesome.

Old Navy Finds

I feel like Old Navy is a very hit or miss store. Sometimes I go in WANTING to find something and can't really find anything, but I found a lot of great things when Kristina and I went shopping the other day. I tried to buy cute Fall articles of clothing that are appropriate for work and class. These are the 4 things that I decided to buy:

Oldnavy's website here.

Rainy Days

It is quite rainy in Georgia and there is no sign of it stopping anytime soon. So:
1. I am LOVING it since I have to stay inside and study all day anyways.
2. I told myself I would not complain about the rain after that massive drought we went through. So I won't.
3. I am glad that we do not have a home game this weekend, because Lucas would still want to go and then I would be miserable!

PS - UGA plays tonight at 7 PM! GO DAWGS!

Emma the Student!

Emma Watson started her first week at Brown this week! Doesn't she look so cute? I hope it is easy for her to fit in...

“I want to be normal. I really want anonymity. I want to do it properly, like everyone else. As long as I don’t walk in and see, like, Harry Potter posters everywhere, I’ll be fine.”

Life Lessons

“ I’ve been making a list of the things they don’t teach you at school. They don’t teach you how to love somebody. They don’t teach you how to be famous. They don’t teach you how to be rich or how to be poor. They don’t teach you how to walk away from someone you don’t love any longer. They don’t teach you how to know what’s going on in someone else’s mind. They don’t teach you what to say to someone who’s dying. They don’t teach you anything worth knowing. ”
-Robyn is wise.

Image from LeLove.

<3 Paper Heart <3

Finally seeing THIS tomorrow with Robyn! I've heard great things - so excited!


School is starting to really pick up. Although I am LOVING the cooler weather, football season, and the fact that Gossip Girl and One Tree Hill are FINALLY back on the air, I am sort of wishing I was back in Amsterdam. Cliff and I had a great last trip before he started law school and I started my graduate program. I am missing the beautiful canals and the carefree times we had, but I am especially missing Wok to Walk. I'm certain that anyone who has been to Amsterdam and has had the opportunity to try this amazing food understands why I miss it. Am I right? Yes.

Same Dress - Great Expressions!

I love the expressions of Pink and Shakira when they realized they were wearing the same dress at the VMAs on Sunday night. They both wore it very differently, but they both looked great. :) The sense of humor is awesome - I love them both!

From MTV.

Things That Make Me Happy...

-A fun tailgate yesterday with my family and friends.
-The leftover food my mom gave me!
-The Dawgs winning! :)
-Laying in bed watching the VMAs instead of studying!
-Getting a sweet package from Caroline with bird tissues and a card! :)
-Reading The Time Traveler's Wife.

Whip It!

So I've said this before, but I'm SO excited to see Whip It - the movie with Ellen Page and Drew Barrymore (who also directed it). Normally this isn't the type of flick I would want to go see, but it just looks so great. I also love the publicity they are trying to stir up with their fun photo shoots and magazine spreads. It's working...I'm pumped. I bet my mom would like this movie too!

Pictures found here!

Bye Summer

When I was younger, I hated the time of year when you could feel summer slipping away. But that was a time when summers were filled with family vacations to Florida, lake trips, and daily pool trips. I have to say that I don't really feel like I'll miss summer this year since I spent mine taking two challenging classes, working, and trying my best to avoid the million degree heat and constant Georgia humidity. Sooooo now that school is back anyways, I'm completely ready for cool weather. I'm ready for tights, boots, and layers!

Headband Love <3

Look at these adorable headbands. Add to Christmas list? Check. Now the question is which one...

From (r-ki-tekt).

Bunting Project

Today I'm going to Joann to get fabric so my mom and I can make bunting for my newly-decorated-but-still-missing-something room! I can't wait to see how it comes out - I think I'm using black, cream, and sage colored fabrics...

This bunting looks cute:

UPDATE - Wallpaper FOUND!

Look at this wallpaper on Hygge & West! The Julia Rothman and ferm LIVING wallpaper designs are so nice. You can buy samples for $5 or by-the-yard for $20, and they are the perfect size for lining drawers or any of the other projects I want to try. I've always loved her wallpaper, but I never thought about buying samples or by-the-yard - I am buying some this weekend to start my DIY projects!

Unexpected Uses for Leftover Wallpaper!

Love the idea to reuse and recycle leftover wallpaper from Real Simple. Sometimes wallpaper is so expensive and the little scraps can add a lot to a room. I think I'm going to try this soon - I'm going to dig through my moms wallpaper scraps!!!

Idea 1: Line the inside of a drawer!

Idea 2: Make framed artwork. I bet this would work with wrapping paper too!

Idea 3: Hang a scroll! My friend Shannon would like this idea.

Idea 4: Make pretty book covers. These would look great on my book shelf...

Idea 5: Decorate empty cans. Great pen cup for your desk!

Flower Crown!

I'm digging this!

From my favorite color is shiny.

Yesterday I got my hair done darker than I thought it would I need to wear soft feminine things so I don't look so punk rock/gothic/emo :) So I think I will be purchasing a lot of flowers and bows soon...

Reminds me of the spring tea party crowns we made at Mimms birthday partayyyy.

Pretty Classics

Melanie recently posted these books on her blog and guesssss what? I will soon be the happy owner of some of these. I can't wait for these gorgeous classics to grace my bookshelf and brighten up my room! :)

Hubby Hubby

Ben & Jerry's temporarily changed the name of their "Chubby Hubby" flavor to "Hubby Hubby" in celebration of the recent legalization of gay marriage in their home state of Vermont. Good for them!!! I'm glad the company is not afraid to speak out for what is right!