We just received our save the dates in the mail (!!!) and we'll be addressing them and sending them out in the next few weeks. Even though I'll just be addressing the save the dates myself, I've begun to look at calligraphy options for our official invitations. Here are a few of my favorite calligraphers:

-Top photo: Feast Calligraphy - based out of Chicago, IL
-2nd photo: La Happy - based out of Seattle, WA
-3rd photo: Paperfinger - based out of Brooklyn, NY

Any other recommendations? Thanks!! xo

Spring Wish List

I realize that most of the country is still under snow, but in San Francisco, the weather has been delightful. The last two weekends have been perfect: sunny and 70! The warmer weather makes me excited for my August bachelorette party to the beach and my honeymoon to Hawaii in November. Here are a few of the things on my spring/summer/vacation wish list this year:

-1. This adorable one piece - Tory Burch ($225).
-2. Cat eye sunnies to feel glam - Stella McCartney ($225).
-3. Straw fedora to shield my face from the sun - Old Navy ($12).
-4. A DVF iPhone case in a bright pattern - DVF ($40).
-5. Swedish Hasbeens in poppy, because Hasbeens are hands down my favorite summer shoes - ModCloth ($220).
-6. Nail polish in bright, Spring colors - OPI or Essie ($8-15).
-7. A sweet, pastel watch - Kate Spade ($195).
-8. A straw clutch, which will transition well from day to night - Boohoo ($36).

What I'm Listening To...

Loving this song today. Happy Monday...! xoxo

Minted Invitations

I love Minted. I just sent out wedding shower invitations for a party that I'm co-hosting, so now seems like the perfect time to write a little review of the company. All of the art prints, invitations, and paper goods are designed and submitted by artists, who get a cut of the profits, so the quality and design are really high.

The art prints are really affordable and suitable for hanging. We ordered this San Francisco print and had it custom framed in an Ikea frame at Michaels. All-in-all the project cost less than $50! We also ordered our holiday cards from Minted last year. 
I also love Pinhole Press, but I find their selection a bit more limited when it comes to invitations and cards. I think Pinhole is great for specialty items like beer labels, photo books, and alphabet games. What are your favorite sites to order from? xo

Michelle Obama on Vogue

Michelle Obama is on Vogue's latest cover, and I love the photos and accompanying article so much. She really is the best. Have you read it yet? {Source: Vogue}

Pom Pom Bunting

A few weekends ago, I went into a wedding DIY frenzy and knocked out a few projects on my to-do list. My favorite project was this pom-pom bunting.
What you'll need:
-Knitting yarn
-Clover large pom pom maker (optional: you could use a fork instead!)
-Embroidery needle
-Embroidery thread
The Clover pom pom maker is pretty amazing and well worth $7 in my opinion, but there are other ways to make pom poms. You can definitely use a fork to make them, but I think that it's much more efficient to use this tool. To make the pom pom, you basically wrap yarn around each arm of the pom pom maker several times - the more yarn you use, the fluffier your pom pom will be. At the end, you cut around the tool and tie all of the ends together. I recommend watching this YouTube tutorial if you need a little help with this step.

After you make all of your pom poms, you can thread the embroidery thread through the center of each pom pom until your bunting reaches the desired length.
Ta-da! This bunting would look great for a baby shower, a wedding, or just around the house. Happy crafting! XOX


Puppy Love

Two important things happened this weekend while I was in Colorado: Lucas got in a surfing accident and had to get 4 stitches and he fostered a sweet dog named Abigail. Our friends, Meredith and Andrew, foster pups on a regular basis and they currently have Abby full-time. When they told us that they would be out of town this weekend and needed a place for Abby to stay, we jumped at the chance. I quickly learned upon my return on Sunday that Lucas and Abby formed a pretty strong bond in their 3 days together. Abby wanted a whole lot of nothing to do with me and the two of them were basically attached at the hip. Sadly, Abby had to rock a t-shirt all weekend because she has a scrape on her belly that she loves to scratch and re-open. I must say that they both look pretty cute with their injuries. :)

Welcome To Google!

One of my hilarious Wildfire by Google coworkers released this hilarious "Welcome To Google" video today. I've watched it at least 6 times - I love it! :)