Puppy Love

Two important things happened this weekend while I was in Colorado: Lucas got in a surfing accident and had to get 4 stitches and he fostered a sweet dog named Abigail. Our friends, Meredith and Andrew, foster pups on a regular basis and they currently have Abby full-time. When they told us that they would be out of town this weekend and needed a place for Abby to stay, we jumped at the chance. I quickly learned upon my return on Sunday that Lucas and Abby formed a pretty strong bond in their 3 days together. Abby wanted a whole lot of nothing to do with me and the two of them were basically attached at the hip. Sadly, Abby had to rock a t-shirt all weekend because she has a scrape on her belly that she loves to scratch and re-open. I must say that they both look pretty cute with their injuries. :)