I would like...

To go home and have my mom make me these things:
-Apple Cider Doughnuts (From Smitten Kitchen).
-Pumpkin Apple Crumb Cake (From Bon Appetit via Everybody Likes Sandwiches).
-Pumpkin and Cream Cheese Muffins (From Baked Perfection).

PS - Look how cute my brother's pumpkins turned out! My mom sent me pictures yesterday!

Gorgeous Fall!

Just spent the past 7 hours in the UGA library studying for a test tomorrow. No fun! I just glanced out of the window from the 5th floor of the library, and the view is insanely gorgeous. The leaves are all yellow, red, and orange. You can see for miles and miles over Athens, the campus, Sanford Stadium, everything. The best part is that the sun is setting, so for just a few minutes the sun was bouncing of of everything making it so beautiful. These pictures do not even begin to do the view justice (I took them with my MacBook camera...)!

Sewing Project

My mom is teaching me how to sew! She taught me how to make ruffly aprons, and recently we made bunting to match my room. She thinks bunting is kind of pointless and weird, but she helped me anyways. I love it! Just thought I'd share...

Darling Wedding

Julie and Jason from Omaha had such a unique and fun wedding! Check check check it out:

I love the pink and orange paper lanterns:
They took such fun pictures:
The bridesmaids dresses from Anthropologie are really pretty:
Reception: All pictures by Jessica Ewald and Lindsay Trapnell and seen on ReadyMade.

Dan Funderburgh

Amazing artist that uses traditional patterns and puts a contemporary twist on them to make gorgeous, unique wallpapers. I can't wait until the day that I can afford to wallpaper my house!

Check out all of the designs here.
Also, create your own custom wallpaper! COOL!

Body Body Body Language

I guess Jesse McCartney isn't into beautiful souls anymore. Evidently he's only into what's "behind" girls now. Such a pity, but I love his catchy tunes anyways.

Georgia/Florida 2009

My first blog post ever was about GA/FL last year - I feel like I'm celebrating my blog anniversary. Aww! I am not as excited as I should be about the game this year. Maybe next week I will get in the spirit!

Maybe if I had this jacket I would be ready! Only $275! :)
From Little Houses.

Today I'm liking...

This pretty dress from Lizard Thicket (the boutique I worked in for 3 years!):

Joanna's lovely wedding photos (shot by Max Wanger):

The idea of hanging out in homemade forts instead of going to class/work in the rain and watching online movies with Kristina. These two are great:
From The Rockstar Diaries.
Seen on you are my fave.

Needed for Halloween!

Wouldn't these be simple but fun disguises?

From the Lupin Etsy Shop.

Halloween is just so close! I want festive things! I've been eyeing lots of goodies on Etsy:

This dog looks just like Pippix!!! I want to get her a shark costume!
This fun banner!
Umm...pumpkin chocolate truffles? YES PLEASE!
Fun cards to send out to friends!

Fairy Twinkle Lights

Kristina loves hanging white Christmas lights everywhere - our living room during Christmas, our porch, etc haha. Normally, I am of the opinion that they are tacky and that they only belong on a Christmas tree, but recently I have seen a lot of pictures of the twinkling lights looking very cute. I think that the space you have the lights in has to be appropriate, and that is where most people go wrong and end up making their apartment look like a cheap college dorm. Maybe I am reconsidering them!

These are fun:
Spotted on oh, hello friend.

I like the way these are casually draped in a non-tacky way:

Still cute in a fancy apartment:

Icicle lights behind a headboard for a lovely glow:
From emmas designblogg.

So, Kristina, if you can figure out a way to make our apartment look cool like this, then we can hang the lights up again this year! :)

So So So SO Happy!

{Photographer - Unknown}

All of my midterms are OVER!!! :) My exam yesterday (on research methods in public administration) was not too bad, but my microeconomics exam was just as bad as I thought it would be - actually I take that back - it was worse! My hand feels like it is going to fall off from writing so much. But that's okay...I am DONE! Today was great! I went to Walker's with Eli and Lucas as SOON as my exam was over. Then Lucas and I ordered takeout from Doc Chey's. We piled up in my bed and watched Glee while we ate what I swear tasted like the best food ever. Oh, and Lucas gave me a surprise tonight. He's so great. These are my favorite kind of nights. I am SO excited to go home this weekend to see my family and have a much needed break from Athens.

This is the plan for the weekend:
-Sewing project with Mom
-Scrapbook with Mom
-Eat lots and lots of Mom's food
-Beat Dad in Spades (yeah right...)
-Watch UGA beat Tennessee on Saturday
-Play lots of Wii with Mitch
-Snuggle with the pups!

A few things that have made their way to the top of my wish list:
This pretty "J" necklace!
These purple floral tights!
This yellow coat! I could look like Paddington Bear!
These pretty earrings!


His entire new album is WONDERFUL! Mika's music is so fun, catchy, and happy-go-lucky. Listening to Mika or Avril Lavigne always makes me think about our Eurotrip after high school. Long story! This video is so colorful and happy. I love it!

"It seems like everywhere I go
the more I see the less I know
but I know one thing - that I love you"
-Michael Franti

Pretty Paper

Today while getting coffee with Robyn and Eli at ERC, we spotted lovely Midori Inc. paper! We did some investigating and found out that it was actually gift wrap. So we moseyed on over to Frontier to check it out. I bought some really pretty paper, and I think I'll frame it. Check these Midori Inc. styles out:

I can't help it...

I LOVE Michael Buble, and I love his new song.