Jackie O Dress

Kate Spade has this "Plaza Jackie Dress" ! It looks like the dress Jackie O is wearing in that picture I posted a few days ago! So cute!


The Sartorialist offf course!

I want this dress!

Pretty Room

I love the frames!

From Home Sweet Home

I want a pretty bike!!!

Cute summer parties!

Cute patio party (from Just be spLendid)!!!!!

Fun party in a field (from Basically anything that is awesome)!


SUMMER IS HERE!!!!!!!!!!

Only 1 more exam to go...and I am unable to concentrate on studying (duh!)...

The Fabric of Zooey's Life

She is just so FREAKIN adorable!


Hey Eli! Sup?

Audrey Tatou for Chanel No 5

New Commercial - I love it!!!


Although I'm in the library right now (I'm going to start working soon I PROMISE!) I'm dreaming about 6 days from now when it will OFFICIALLY be summer break for me. YESSSS!!!

Flower Power!

The tea party was so fun! Mimms and her cute roommate Kathryn live in an adorable house. They made delectable food and we drank champagne. We even made daisy chains - I'm loving mine!


I want to throw a colorful summer party and set the table like Eddie Ross does, but I don't have a backyard OR a table come to think of it! :(

Julie & Julia

New movie! Looks cute - I love Meryl!