Le Flâneur (feat. The XX) from Luke Shepard on Vimeo.

This video has me feeling so nostalgic for Paris. I want to hop on a plane to Charles de Gaulle right now!

Don't Look Back - She & Him

New video from She & Him! Amazing like always!

Mila's Golden Globes Gown

I love the gorgeous emerald Vera Wang gown that Mila Kunis is wearing at the Golden Globes. This is definitely my favorite gown of the night. [Photo by Getty Images].

Tiny Magical House

This little house is so cozy and wonderful. I want to live here with Kristina and puppies! Seen on Concrete & Honey via The New York Times.

Globe Cluster

Isn't this nursery so sweet? I'm obsessed with the globe cluster!

Leighton for Missoni

Check out B's new gig. Love!

Sequin DIY Project

Wish I had the supplies to make these sequin shoe clips and sequin pocket tee during this snow week! Tutorial here and here.

Chuck Close Taxi Art

Chuck Close is my favorite artist. I love that his work is currently splashed across 500 taxi-top billboards in NYC. Amazing!