Stanford Graduate Interdisciplinary Fellowship

Lucas was one of a handful of Stanford graduate students chosen to be a 2012 Stanford Graduate Interdisciplinary Fellow. We attended the awards ceremony last week and I was beaming with pride!

Lucas's advisor introduced him and gave a brief summary of Lucas's research. He also said that Lucas was not only one of the most brilliant students that he's ever had, but also one of the nicest. I think that describes him in a nutshell. :)
I was blown away with these students' accomplishments - these people are seriously curing cancer and fixing global warming.
I am so proud of your accomplishments, Lucas. You are so deserving of this honor. XO


Mrs. Pancakes said...

Awww how awesome is that!

AnaDreamsStuff said...

Lovely post! ^^


Thanks for your comment in my blog. <3

Kristina Comer said...

GO LUCAS! That is awesome! Good lookin' couple!!! Jill love how you wore the cat dress!!!