I am nineteen! Which is GREAT! No...I can't legally consume alcohol for a while, but I am still a teenager, and thus it is okay for me to be obsessed with the "Twilight" series.  Now my best friend on the other hand, Kristina, turns twenty in exactly three days and she is only on book two.  She really needs to hurry up, or her actions will no longer be justifiable and she will have to stop reading the series (which is impossible) or risk looking extremely immature.

No, I'm kidding of course.  But the books really are very good, and an easy read for all ages.  This includes my mother who really enjoyed reading the first book.

I am so so excited for the movie, which comes out on November 21st, but I'm sure most "Twilight" fans already know that.  I think the Edward actor seems appropriate, but I just do not like the girl who plays Bella.  She sounds like a man.