Kristina's Visit!

My best friend, Kristina, is coming to visit me in DC this weekend! She came a few months ago, but the snow ruined our sightseeing plans. I am so excited to go on adventures with her this weekend, and the weather is supposed to be gorgeous!

Here are our plans for the weekend:

1. Go see The Last Song. in the Miley Cyrus movie that looks so terribly good.

2. Go see the cherry blossoms and all of the monuments along the way...

3. Go to The Gibson, which is a prohibition era-inspired speak easy on U Street in DC (SINCE I'M 21 AS OF YESTERDAY..WOOO)!

4. Go on a run to the Washington Monument and back.

5. Eat amazing food at Founding Farmers or Farmers and Fishers!

6. Eat cupcakes...because that is a given.