Fun Commercial

I am loving this Tommy Hilfiger holiday commercial. Not only does it feature one of my favorite Vampire Weekend songs, but I also love the cute clothes and the entire concept of the video. Reminds me of my own wacky family. Every time this comes on TV I get so excited for the holidays!


k said...

I want to be there, that is a very fun vid :)

vintch said...

LOVE this commercial! I'm so glad you put it on your blog so I can view it whenever I want:)

I'm a new follower-your blog is lovely!

Someone said...

now that is a very sweet comercial. looks like a super fun time. Id totally love to be there. i didnt know tommy still made comercials cause i dont ever see them, ever.

Anonymous said...

Totally the whole scene.
xxxx Emily from EL Vintage

PS- Come check out my latest post. xx