Holiday Party 2012

We went to the Wildfire holiday party last night at The Palace Hotel in San Francisco, which is a charming, old hotel smack dab in the middle of Union Square. The cozy room we stayed in had a four poster bed, plush carpet, and a roomy bathtub, so it was the perfect place to get ready before the party. We got together with a few friends and ordered pizza before the festivities began, so we could get some carbs in our system. :) The holiday party itself was a blast - we had casino games like black jack, craps, and roulette, photo booths with props, festive food (think: ham and roasted chestnuts!), and, of course, drinks! Fun was definitely had by all and I truly work at the best company in the world.

P.S. - "How Drunk Can You Get at Your Office Christmas Party?" I can state, with confidence, that every single person at the party last night broke these rules. :)


Sarah said...

How fun! I love holiday parties. I totally anticipate my husbands every year. What a fun hotel. I'm in the bay area so maybe I'll try and convince the hubs to spend a weekend there with me. Thanks for sharing!

Unknown said...

Very nice!
I am from Portugal!
kisses - bye!