Sonoma Coast Weekend Trip

We went on a quick trip last weekend to celebrate our first wedding anniversary. We drove up Hwy 1 from San Francisco to the Sea Ranch. A Hwy 1 road trip has been on our California bucket list for a while, and the trip certainly did not disappoint. 
We drove up the coast for around 1.5 hours before stopping for lunch in Tomales Bay, an area known for its amazing oysters. There are so many great lunch spots to choose from, but we chose The Marshall Store because of its great reputation and amazing views. 
We sat at a lunch counter right on the side of Hwy 1, ate BBQ oysters, and drank local beers. We couldn't stop talking about how fresh the food was. 
After lunch, we continued the scenic drive up the coast. The Northern California coastline is pretty underdeveloped, so you see breathtaking cliffs on one side of the highway and expansive farmland on the other. 
We stayed at the Sea Ranch Lodge in Sonoma County, which was about 2 hours from Tomales Bay. The room was really cozy with a fireplace and sweeping views of the ocean. We drank champagne and talked about how fun our wedding and honeymoon were. It's hard to believe that a year has gone by.
The property at the hotel was extraordinary. We were only a few hours from SF, but I was surprised by how far away it seemed.
We stopped in Tomales Bay again on the way home. The food there is just so good, we couldn't resist one more trip. This time, we stopped at the famed Hog Island Oyster Company and enjoyed more BBQ oysters and fresh bread.
As sad as we were to bid adieu to the weekend, we were happy to drive back into our favorite foggy city. Happy Anniversary, Lucas! xoxo


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Looks beautiful!! Love your new kicks!