Sonoma Barrel Tasting

We spent last weekend in Sonoma with great friends to participate in Barrel Tasting Weekend. There are hundreds of wineries that participate, and we managed to make it to: DeLoach, deLorimier, Cellars of Sonoma, Harvest Moon, Inman Family, Mounts, Soda Rock (they ID'd all of us more than 4 times each...we're 21, OKAY?!), and Truett Hurst. There were loads more but I can't remember them all...I'm sure that has nothing to do with the copious amounts of wine I consumed...
Walking around the grounds of Mounts. This was our collective favorite winery that we is so cute, the wines are delicious, and the wine maker wears legit overalls (as if you needed a third reason).
The whole gang at Truett Hurst! This place is gorgeous with outdoor seating right on the creek.
I love the Sonoma wineries that have games like corn hole and bocce ball (for the record, the girls won everything).
Just hanging at deLoach, a casual French Revolution era themed winery. Nothing to see here. 
Most of the wineries served free food for the event, which was such a nice bonus so we didn't have to stop for lunch. Think: mini grilled cheese sandwiches, tri-tip crostinis, bbq sliders, and grilled bratwursts. Lucas made a beeline towards the food table the moment we walked into each winery. He can put away a ridiculous number of mini grilled's quite impressive. Check out the above action shot. :)
Things got a little weird towards the end of the 2nd day. This event was the best...we will definitely be back next year. :)


Unknown said...

Once I become a high-rolling dietitian I want to come wine tasting every year!! Tiny grilled cheeses sound phenom!!