Berkeley / Greek Theatre Day

A few weekends ago, we spent the day in Berkeley with our friends and then saw the Alabama Shakes in concert at the Greek Theatre that night.
We grabbed lunch at this Brazilian cafe, which has tri-tip sandwiches, pork rice bowls, and mango smoothies. The weather was on point, so we followed that up with some day drinking at Jupiter, which is a local restaurant with a big outdoor patio.
The theatre sits on Berkeley's campus and is a 15 minute walk from the downtown. You can actually bring food inside, which is awesome. We picked up hot dogs (!) from a downtown spot and then followed the crowds to the theatre. The venue itself is really cool. It's a general admission amphitheater with standing room at the bottom, concrete seats in the middle, and then a big grassy lawn at the top. Something for everyone! We arrived pretty late, so we grabbed seats on the lawn (luckily we brought blankets). The pros were that the views of SF, the bay, and the campus were gorgeous (check out that sunset above). The major con was that the hill was really steep and we kept sort of sliding down. I think next time we'll try to arrive a bit earlier and snag some seats, but we'll definitely be back to this gem of a venue. 


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