1 month old!

Our little Nico turned one month old a few days ago. It feels like it was just yesterday and also a lifetime ago that he was born. Sometimes we just look at him and feel like we should pinch ourselves, because he doesn't feel real yet.

Month one brought a ton of growth: Nico was born at just 6 lbs 7 oz and was drowning in his teeniest newborn outfit when we brought him home from the hospital, and at his one month appointment he was a whopping 9 lbs 2 oz and that very outfit is too small for him (my mama heart can't even handle it). We're lucky because he's been an amazing eater and sleeper from day one. He latched on immediately and gained weight so rapidly that our pediatrician told us to let him sleep vs. waking him up at night. He only wakes up one time per night to feed, and while I'm sure he'll regress at some point, we're fully embracing his amazing sleeping habits while they last (he gets his love of sleeping from me). He's calm and sweet natured (he gets that one from his papa), and completely melts us inside whenever he smiles or makes eye contact with us. We're fully obsessed with his little wrinkled old man forehead, soft teeny feet, dimpled chin, and fuzzy head of hair.

It feels like such a huge milestone to reach a month (we kept him alive!). And I'm so insanely proud of him for growing, but I'm already nostalgic for this teeniest phase, when he snuggles up on our chests for hours and needs us for everything. I guess I can finally understand how parents can spend the entire day just staring at their babies and kids. xoxo


Lucas said...

Hard to put into words how much we love Nico - he's just the best!