4 months old!

I'm over a week late in posting this, but our little Nico turned 4 months old. We had a big month!

We left Nico for 3 nights to celebrate my birthday in Valle de Guadalupe, and he partied hard with my parents in SF. They wore him out with visits to Muir Woods, the botanical gardens, and local restaurants. I'm not sure who enjoyed the time more: me and Lucas, Nico, or my parents. Even though we're across the country, Nico is lucky to have such amazing grandparents who will drop everything to come see him.

The next weekend, we traveled to Atlanta for a visit, and Nico flew on an airplane for the first time. We took a picture of him with the pilots in the cockpit and they gave him some teeny wings (oh, my heart!). He didn't cry once on either leg of the trip, but he also didn't nap so he was overtired when we arrived. My Granny Bird loved meeting her first "great grand" and Nico also met my older bro and sis-in-law for the first time. It was just the best weekend.

We rounded out the month in Malibu celebrating Lucas's 30th birthday (more on that trip soon). That round of flying didn't go quite as smoothly, but luckily the flights were super short and the other passengers were (mostly) understanding.

Nico is becoming more and more alert. He loves playing with toys (this toy and this rattle are his current faves), reading books (Pete the Cat ftw), and singing songs ("The Wheels on the Bus" makes his entire face light up). He's still a great sleeper for the first part and he wakes up happy every morning and from every nap. When we poke our heads over his crib to say hi, he coos and laughs and kicks his feet up in the air. We love you, kid.