6 months old!

Okay...I waited another month and I'm clearly slacking on keeping the updates alive, but thus is life of a working mom, I guess. Here are Nico's 6 month photos, and month 7 coming up this weekend. In month 6, Nico:

Traveled to Wilmington, NC (where Lucas is from) to surprise his Nana. We had a travel day from hell (thanks to United mechanical issues), but even with 6 (!) hours of delays, he was a patient and sweet little traveler. What a trooper. He loved his first trip to Wilmington, where he got to spend time with Nana's pups, go to the beach 3 times with his Abuelo, and splash in Nana's pool. He's already excited about visiting again soon.

I went back to work right after that trip, and I immediately flew off to London for a team offsite. I was a nervous wreck about leaving Nico for a week, but he couldn't have cared less. Nico and Lucas had a boys week, where they swam, had drinks with the guys, and he continued his daycare routine like a champ.

In month 6, he continued to sleep 12 hours straight through the night and woke up giggly and happy every single day. He ended the month wanting to crawl so, so bad, but just turned in circles and scooted backwards. We love you so much, Nico.