The situation in Haiti is so sad. Haitians have already gone through more than their fair share of tragedy and pain over the years, and this earthquake was so destructive. In addition to the death toll soaring over 100,000 people, there are thousands upon thousands of hurt and/or internally misplaced persons.

If you are able to give. Please please please try to! $5 from your pocket is just a Starbucks latte, but if we all give $5 it could seriously save thousands of lives.

I just donated through Doctors Without Borders, which will help provide medical help to Haiti. Since several of the hospitals collapsed during the earthquake, I felt compelled to help. Oxfam International, UNICEF, and The American Red Cross are other great organizations that are currently accepting donations. I am so proud of President Obama and the United States for pledging immediate support. Please find a way to help if you can.

Support Doctors Without Borders in Haiti

Xoxo, Jill


abigail said...

my heart is broken.

Lucas said...

Also check out for http://dawgsforhaiti.uga.edu/!