Will U B My Valentine?

I love Valentine's Day. Probably just because I have a great boyfriend, and we have done fun things on the last two Valentine's Days. But even growing up my Mom and Dad would always give us little gifts every Valentine's Day and I think it is important to have a holiday where you tell people you love them.

Usually I opt for Aaron Carter Valentines, but there are so many fun choices out there and they are so affordable. Check out some of these great Valentine's Day cards:

As always, Rifle Paper Co. has wonderful cards: A set of 8 is only $16. See them here.

LOVE these cute fill-in-the-blank bunting cards: A set of 9 is $12. From littleaviary's Etsy shop. Seen on post grad hair cut.

You can never go wrong with an animal card: Each card is only $3.50 (much cheaper than a Hallmark card...)! From colettepaperie.


Sarah Mina said...

Ooh, I love these little cards! I just posted some Valentine's decorating ideas if you want to check them out. Such a fun holiday!

Lucas said...

I can't wait for Valentine's Day either!