Birthday Weekend!

My 24th birthday was on Saturday, so I officially entered my mid-20s! I am truly not a huge birthday person, but I was overwhelmed by the love from my friends and family. On Friday, my coworkers (who are also some of my dearest friends), showered me with gifts, including a limited edition of Domino (RIP!), tiny red velvet cupcakes, and a singing balloon. Lucas sent me a gorgeous bouquet of hydrangeas and ranunculus from Church Street Flowers in SF. 
The thoughtful gifts just kept coming. Lucas got me this tiny J ring and this gorgeous Juliet & Co. necklace. My BFF, Kristina, sent me the sweetest package and these fab Tory Burch earrings.
On Friday night, we went to dinner with a few friends at St. Michaels Alley in Palo Alto, which was amazing. Their special was artichoke crusted halibut with creamy cauliflower, which was so tasty, and they brought out the most amazing Crème Brûlée for me. On Saturday Lucas and I had a date night at Flour + Water in SF. It is now one of my favorite restaurants in San Francisco. They're well known for their homemade pastas and pizzas and cozy atmosphere. There was a 2+ hour wait, so we went to a local bar called Trick Dog for a few drinks beforehand.  It was well worth the wait and it was so nice to have a long date night with Lucas. 
Afterwards we met a few friends in the Mission to go out. We ended up going to a dance club called Baobab, where they played funky Caribbean and Afro dance music. 

We capped off the weekend with Easter lunch at our friends' house where I ate my weight in ham and mac-n-cheese. It was an amazing birthday weekend. I had absolutely no plans going into it, but my friends were so thoughtful and really made it such a great birthday. I love you all! xo