2013 Gift Guide: Your Brothers

Next, I'd like to share a gift guide inspired by my two brothers. My older brother is a lawyer in Georgia and my younger brother is finishing up his final year of college. Their shared interests include: Atlanta sports, beer, fantasy football, and arguing with me. :)

Here are a few gift choices inspired by my bros:
  1. This brass bottle opener, which is stylish, but more importantly functional: Crate & Barrel - $30.
  2. A leather football, to toss around during tailgates: Target - $20-100.
  3. A classic-looking backpack: Jack Spade - $195. 
  4. Cologne: Kiehl's - $35-42.
  5. Whisky stones to chill holiday drinks: Teroforma - $20 for a set of 9.
  6. Striped socks in their team's colors: J.Crew - $14.
  7. Moleskin notebooks for class/work/grocery lists: Moleskine - $9 for a set of 3.
  8. A flask to sneak into games - J.Crew - $42. 


Kristina Comer said...

as i tinker with the 3 year idea of blogging again, how do you make these lil collages?